Project & Mission

My personal journey of self-discovery has taken me here.  My mission and goal with this project is simple; I want to help men achieve their highest potential and discover their truth by empowering them to redefine masculinity and connect with their feelings and emotions to find renewed strength in their honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, compassion and love.  The time is now and the world needs us to change.  Our wives, partners, children, families, colleagues and friends need us to show up and be authentic and emotionally connected.  Most importantly, we need the love and support of each other to help realize our true divine nature as men.  The traditional paradigm of what it means to be a man in our society is broken and dangerous.  The slow burn of men suffering in silence is keeping us stuck and in some tragic cases it's killing us.  We need to break the cycle and write a new ending to this story.  As men, our greatest truth and purpose often hides deep and stays forever dormant within our own silence.  Our life experiences (both good and bad) teach us the important lessons we need to learn so that we can hopefully wake up one day and realize our true self.  That's what the Man Reconstructed project is about - discovering the truth about who we are as men.  It's time to hand over your man-card and go deep, and I promise you at the end of this journey there is something beautiful. 

Man Reconstructed Blog

The blog was born out of my life story - personal experiences and struggles as a man, son, husband, father, friend and corporate leader.  I have learned important lessons and gained perspectives during my life that I hope will help other men better navigate through the difficult stages and transitions of their own lives.  I strongly believe that we create each other, and by sharing our stories we can unlock the door to someone else's prison.  Through this blog, I will share my personal stories and experiences, my successes and failures, and the lessons I've learned along the way.  I will be honest, authentic and vulnerable, and throw in some much needed sarcasm and humor once in a while.  I will blog on topics like masculinity, marriage, relationships, parenting, spirituality, emotional and physical health, diet/nutrition, addiction, anxiety, depression, leadership, career, purpose, forgiveness and self love - from a man's perspective.  This blog will have something for everyone though, be it a man or woman, as we are all on this beautiful and complicated journey together of what it means to be human.



I will no longer be defined or held captive by the societal stereotype of masculinity. I will celebrate my successes, accept my failures and take responsibility for the pain and damage I have caused myself and others. I cannot change the past, but choose to learn and grow stronger from my experiences.  I will accept the damage, forgive and love myself and others and rebuild.  I will openly share my personal story with the intention of helping others suffer less and find peace, health, happiness and success. 

This project is about my journey and finding my purpose and most importantly it’s about what is in my heart. I am a ‘Man Reconstructed’.
— Chris Rupsa